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Talking about Linux

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Linux coders are the ones providing true interoperability between Windows OS, and Office. Each time MS break something on purpose to delay people moving to Linux, the Linux coders work and fix it. Linux is a prime example of the power of community development and open source software such as the avcware blu ray ripper. Maybe the fact that it is not attractive enough for the mainstream is a good thing.

Linux users, think fast, think in RedHat, Suse and a bunch of Open Source projects that turn their way to the Commercial line. But there are also Open Source projects that wouldn’t be successful if they were commercial, think in Firefox, in Open Office, and more. Linux would never amount to much they said, the reason was simply that they couldn’t think outside of the Microsoft mindset and look at it now. We are in an ever dynamic world with shifting fundamentals and it’s big software’s refusal nay inability to change that’s dragging others down. Linux and opensource is the only way to go. We use Ubuntu because of the distro with great support (Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, …) we have found currently Ubuntu to be the only one that just does everything and does it well however it still lacks a decent blu-ray ripper software.